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What is called the “dugout” in football? What does the “dugout” stand for? Dugout describes the area where the manager, coaching staff and substitutes sit on the side of the pitch. Another word used is bench. However, the dugout is used more often when describing where the manager is sitting, while the bench often emphasizes a player’s role as a substitute rather than a first team player, as in – ‘he came off the bench in the second half’.

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a sunken shelter at the side of a baseball or football (soccer) field where non-playing team members and staff sit during a game. dugout noun a device used to smoke marijuana

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A sunken shelter at the side of a baseball or football (soccer) field where non-playing team members and staff sit during a game. A device used to smoke marijuana. (Canadian Prairies) A pit used to catch and store rainwater or runoff.

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dugout in American English. (ˈdʌɡˌaut) noun. 1. a boat made by hollowing out a log. 2. Baseball. a roofed structure enclosed on three sides and with the fourth side open and facing the playing field, usually with the floor below ground level, where the players sit when not on the field. 3.

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In bat-and-ball sports , a dugout is one of two areas where players of the home or opposing teams sit when not at bat or in the field. Dugout (baseball) , a covered shelter near the diamond. Dugout (cricket) , an area at either end of the field. In association football, the technical area contains the dugouts.

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Full-time: either (1) the end of the game, signalled by the referees whistle (also known as the final whistle), or (2) a footballer or coach whose only profession is football, and by extension a club employing such players and coaches.

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a shelter by the side of a football (soccer) or baseball field where a team’s manager, etc. can sit and watch the game Topics Sports: ball and racket sports c2. . (also dugout canoe) a canoe (= type of light narrow boat) made by cutting out the inside of a tree trunk Topics Transport by water c2. See dugout in the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary.

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The first football stadium to feature a dugout was Pittodrie Stadium, home of Aberdeen, where dugouts were introduced by trainer Donald Colman in the 1920s. He wanted a place to take notes and observe his players (especially their feet, hence the reason for being set partially below pitch level) without sacrificing the shelter provided by a grandstand.