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a specially marked area within which a game is played. Vision. the formation of a mental image of something that is not perceived as real and is not present to the senses. IQ. a measure of a person's intelligence as indicated by an intelligence test. Basket. a score in basketball made by throwing the ball through the hoop. Crossover. A trick move in basketball where the player with the ball dribbles the ball to one hand then dribbles the ball back to the other hand.

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basketball vocabulary Flashcards. when a basketball player grabs a ball that is coming off the r…. when the offense loses possession through its own fault by pas…. contact between players that may result in injury or provide o…. when a basketball player grabs a ball that is coming off the r….


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A pass that immediately precedes and sets up a scored basket. The rectangular or fan-shaped board behind the basket. The half of the court that is opposite a team's offensive bask…. The player with the ball; usually the point guard at the start…. Assist.

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A pass to a teammate from your chest to his or her chest. A pass to a teammate that is thrown over your own head. When a player jumps off the ground and shoots the ball. When a player shoots the ball near the basket and it hits the backboard.

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Basketball Pregame Checklist. Flashcard Maker: Faisal Qasem. 19 Cards –. 9 Decks –. 1 Learner. Sample Decks: Check All The Lines, Check Team Benches , Check Scorer's Table. Show Class. Basketball Coach SIDDU.

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